SpongeBob Time Cards 4K

Many YouTuber and Video Producer uses the "Spongebob Time Cards" in their own Video. Unfortunately the Original Spongebob Timecards are in a very low resulution. To Match Up the YouTuber and Producers Videos I re-created a few of the Timecards in the Spongebob Look.

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Re Creation

SpongeBob started in the Late 90s. Back then the Episodes where edited and distributed on VHS. The newer Episodes where Produced in Full-HD (1920x1080).
Many YouTubers and Producers out there producing their content in 4K (3840x2160).
So I had to re-create backgrounds for the Time Cards.

Short FAQ

YES! Of course! I've Made them to be used in YOUR Video!
BUUUT: Please link this Website to your Video. Everyone should use this Template!

You can use this Template in a few ways: First you can download the 4K Video, which I made for YouTube. You can import it to your Video and cut it in the way you want.

Or you can Download the PSD File. In the PSD File are 6 Backgrounds, and 2 Text Templates (2D and 3D Text). You can customize the PSD in the way you like and import it to your Project.

Keep in mind that you must insert the link to my website either if you use the Video or the PSD.

Unfortunately I'm not French, and I also doesn't have a French accent. I'm not the Speaker of the Video.
It's the Original Voice of SpongeBob. I used another "Time Cards" Video on YouTube. The Voice is licenced to Nickelodeon, so you can't use the voice legaly to earn money. Anyway if anyone has a french accent and wants to record his voice for Timecards you can contact me on spongebob@jwie.ch

The Font used in this Template is called "Krabby Patty"
You can Download the Font from dafont right here.


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